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02-12-2021 11:16:42  #1

WTB: Olivetti Lettera 22

Can’t find the exact one I want so I’d thought I’d look here. I’m looking for an Italian made Lettera 22 with the circular keys and a British £ key and the American $ key. I want one with its case and that specific keyboard with the circle keys. Can’t afford anything to extravagant so I’m not looking for museum quality I can handle a few scrapes and scuffs in the paint. I just ask that it works it’s in decent condition it has a tabulator has the $ and £ keys and it has a case with the circle keys. I would prefer it be made in Italy but if it’s made in Spain or Glasgow I might accept. Please pm or respond to this post if you have any Lettera 22 and let’s see if we can make a deal. Even if youre don’t exactly meet my requests I might be interested just please contact me. Thanks!

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