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18-4-2022 23:56:37  #1

Amusing Poster

Greetings All

Not really sure where this should be posted, so I'm posting it in here for now. Took my 87 year old mother to an ear specialist in the city last week and chanced to see this poster in one of the waiting rooms.

Take a closer look at the keyboard, does anyone recognize the key map? All the best,


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19-4-2022 01:59:56  #2

Re: Amusing Poster

Hi Sky,

The keyboard on the poster looks like the Turkish keyboard I found on Wikipedia. Note the poster version omits the the Q, W and X characters.

See also:


19-4-2022 14:40:48  #3

Re: Amusing Poster

Spotted a similar poster in my optometrist's office...


19-4-2022 17:32:35  #4

Re: Amusing Poster

Hmmm, i=14pxf this is some kind of optometrist joke the meaning is too far away to grasp. In the first poster I thought the underlying story was ones eyes are so bad that a machine was chosen with a typeface that wasn’t English. By the time I reached Ewe’s post I thought maybe the joke / story was if one thought this was a computer with keyboard the eyes are really bad. A search of ‘The National Campaign For Better Clip Art” gave no information. Any other suggestions what the underlying story might be?


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