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05-8-2022 14:19:44  #31

Re: Facit Man Figurine...

This 14" tall Facit Wizard is offered on eBay out of Florida-USA for $ 200 asking.

Way too rich for me.

Quite the veteran of the passing years.



06-8-2022 06:32:11  #32

Re: Facit Man Figurine...

And no Wizard cap!

- Be kind 

06-8-2022 11:03:06  #33

Re: Facit Man Figurine...

The poor guy could use a hand... or a bath at the very least. I'm sure you're going to monitor that eBay listing because I can't imagine anyone paying $200 USD for it; maybe the seller will lower the price or change it to an auction.


06-8-2022 11:22:13  #34

Re: Facit Man Figurine...

I would have had a go at it for $ 60 or so.

Thought I could clean and touch-up paint, and fabricate a Wizard hat...and maybe a pirate "hook" hand...for added character.

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