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30-8-2022 18:21:06  #1

WTB: Olivetti Studio 44 (made in Italy with owners manual)

I’m looking for a Olivetti Studio 44 that’s made in Italy and has a case and it’s original owners manual. Doesn’t need to be showroom quality but it needs to be functional. I can live with a few scuffs with the paint as long as it works and the type action isn’t too gummed up. Like I said I would like an Italian made Studio 44 and if it had a UK keyboard with the £ symbol. And if it included all of its paperwork that would be a plus but I’ll settle for the original manual if that’s all it has. I liking to spend $200 plus shipping but I am willing to negotiate. Payment will be through PayPal for security. Please PM me or reply to this post so I can PM you. Thank you and have a good day.

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13-9-2022 09:17:10  #2

Re: WTB: Olivetti Studio 44 (made in Italy with owners manual)

There is/was one running on SWG this past week.  Think it hammered down for a bit over $ 14.99 with a case, but no manual or plastic cover.  Looked to be in nice shape.  In the tan colour.

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