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11-9-2022 18:36:56  #81

Re: The American Gallery

Case work is very enjoyable & therapeutic and what I dreamed of during the last 10 years in some "cubicle farm" in my previous Corporate life.

I have 2 Olympia "banded" cases in the works right now.

With the S-C case, I was surprised to not see 2 metal pivot pins in the plastic where they rotate in the aluminum housing. 

18.2 lbs of machine inside the case with all plastic handle hardware.


16-9-2022 08:23:54  #82

Re: The American Gallery

I made a final adjustment to the blue of the space bar.  Went with a bit deeper hue...Krylon calls this colour "Lagoon Blue".

I also added a red Tab key-top from a parts Olivetti-Underwood 21 machine.


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