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22-9-2022 07:41:55  #11

Re: IBM Model D - In Coming...

Looks like the left-side paper release lever might be missing on my machine.

On most of my other machines, there is only one lever on the right I might not worry about it missing on this Model D...if it is missing and/or broken off.

But if my OCD gets the best-of-me, there is a seller on eBay from Utah State that offers them for sale.


22-9-2022 16:17:59  #12

Re: IBM Model D - In Coming...

Dear Pete E.  Yes, that is exactly the machine that I am working on at present !   I know the later IBMs quite well - used to repair them in offices - but this one is so different and has been quite a learning curve.  Interesting that the poster on TWDB has also had the melting capacitor problem on his.  The film company machine was imported to the UK from the USA so has the same capacitor which is working fine.  But in a strange twist of fate, I also have a UK model (240 volts) of my own with a melting capacitor.  Typically, I am always too busy with customers machines to play with my own and the values on the 240v version may be different.  The capacitor has two different values because there is a 'booster' microswitch which operates with the carriage return.  It could probably be replaced with two 'back to back' modern capacitors.


22-9-2022 17:18:21  #13

Re: IBM Model D - In Coming...

Back in 1997, I was working on a loose cable-TV connector inside the back of my large (then) CRT TV.

I ran into the jolt of its capacitor-discharge by accident...and I can still feel that jolt running through my right arm to this day 25 years later.

Remember it even made me wee myself.

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27-9-2022 15:11:30  #14

Re: IBM Model D - In Coming...

First hurdle completed. 

Arrived safely, well packed with absolutely no shipping damage.  Machine, HD box, and packing materials = 53 lbs. total.

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07-10-2022 16:03:40  #15

Re: IBM Model D - In Coming...

Spent a nice Fall day on my portable workbench in the garage and driveway.  Today my IBM Model D got some attention : 

Accomplished : 
1. Cleaning inside and outside.
2. Removed decaying foam padding from the ribbon cover and the bottom, removal service panel and installed new peel & stick felt padding.
3. New toothed belts (2 of them) installed.
4. New clear plastic paper guides installed.
5. New metal lever on the left side installed so the platen can be free to spin yet return back to spaced line settings.
6. Rubber of the platen and the power roller needed lots of cleaning with Rubber Rejuventor.
7. Adjusted upper & lower case alignment.
8. New silk black & red ribbon installed. Ribbon movement mechanisms were all gummed up so cleaned them with denatured alcohol. Now the ribbon moves and the reversal mechanism works. Ribbon vibrator was also cleaned and now no longer sticks in a upper position when typing. 

Items still needing attention : 

9. Left margin stop mechanism is rusted/crudded up. Applied PB Blaster for an over-night soak in a small piece of cloth around the margin stop. 

10. Carriage return stalls after traveling back about ½ the width of the carriage.  A 2nd. press on the return key brings it back home. Thinking it might need some more focused cleaning. Or maybe some more use of the machine after being dormant for a long period of non-use. 

11. About 3 of the lower case letters barely strike the platen and make a very light print on paper.  All upper case letters/characters make perfect imprint on ribbon/paper.  Each type-lever has 2 small adjustment screws accessible from the bottom of the machine. Will adjust those that need a bit more power/contact with ribbon and paper.  Moving the touch-control setting from 1 to 10 makes no improvement.


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09-10-2022 19:53:53  #16

Re: IBM Model D - In Coming...

Richard Polt got the IBM Model D user-guide up on his web site, this evening...if anyone needs to download a free pdf-file copy :

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12-12-2022 09:31:17  #17

Re: IBM Model D - In Coming...

Since our outdoor (and my garage) temperaturs have gotten too cold for anymore typewriter work there...I moveed the machine indoors until next Spring where I can get back to the Power Return issue still persisting. 

It takes 2 presses of the return key-top to bring the carriage all the way through its travels...and of course this leads to 2 cycles of the line-spacing mechanism which is not desireable.

As I was putting the body cowlings back in place, I noticed a couple of little stick-on tags on my machine :

1.  Under the ribbon cover, a "May 1979" paper peel & stick label.

2.  On the left side of the frame next the serial number stamping was a typewriter shop metal-label from New York City indicating the machine was "reconditioned".

From its serial number, it looks like the machine was made in Germany in 1968 or so.  Then 11 years later, it got "the works" in the local NYC shop.

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12-12-2022 10:19:49  #18

Re: IBM Model D - In Coming...

=14pxPete, does that mean it was once built for European voltage and is now changed to North American voltage or that it was just made in Germany?



12-12-2022 10:23:26  #19

Re: IBM Model D - In Coming...

For the record I have no idea where the =14px came from in the previous post.


12-12-2022 11:20:55  #20

Re: IBM Model D - In Coming...

George...just made in Germany but for use with 120v/60Hz.

Having been reconditioned makes a lot of sense.  Very little erase crumbs and no White-Out debris anywhere to be found. 

Seems like it was not used much after the 1979 rework and then computers and printers came on to the scene.

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