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22-9-2022 07:41:55  #11

Re: IBM Model D - In Coming...

Looks like the left-side paper release lever might be missing on my machine.

On most of my other machines, there is only one lever on the right I might not worry about it missing on this Model D...if it is missing and/or broken off.

But if my OCD gets the best-of-me, there is a seller on eBay from Utah State that offers them for sale.



22-9-2022 16:17:59  #12

Re: IBM Model D - In Coming...

Dear Pete E.  Yes, that is exactly the machine that I am working on at present !   I know the later IBMs quite well - used to repair them in offices - but this one is so different and has been quite a learning curve.  Interesting that the poster on TWDB has also had the melting capacitor problem on his.  The film company machine was imported to the UK from the USA so has the same capacitor which is working fine.  But in a strange twist of fate, I also have a UK model (240 volts) of my own with a melting capacitor.  Typically, I am always too busy with customers machines to play with my own and the values on the 240v version may be different.  The capacitor has two different values because there is a 'booster' microswitch which operates with the carriage return.  It could probably be replaced with two 'back to back' modern capacitors.


22-9-2022 17:18:21  #13

Re: IBM Model D - In Coming...

Back in 1997, I was working on a loose cable-TV connector inside the back of my large (then) CRT TV.

I ran into the jolt of its capacitor-discharge by accident...and I can still feel that jolt running through my right arm to this day 25 years later.

Remember it even made me wee myself.

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27-9-2022 15:11:30  #14

Re: IBM Model D - In Coming...

First hurdle completed. 

Arrived safely, well packed with absolutely no shipping damage.  Machine, HD box, and packing materials = 53 lbs. total.

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