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22-9-2022 12:21:49  #41

Re: Electro-Mechanical Calculators

Bummer indeed. Seems like sellers should be required to stick to the results of the auction. 

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22-9-2022 17:14:21  #42

Re: Electro-Mechanical Calculators

I think some eBay sellers also sell in retail shops and/or local flea markets, Facebook Marketplace, etc...and may just not realize that their ads needs to be pulled down.

I will just keep an eye out for other interesting adding machine cases that can care for my Hermes adder.

In the mean time, my 2nd. Olivetti is due and will keep me busy for a bit.  And I still have my Olympia SM7 (baby blue) that is waiting its turn on my work bench.

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23-9-2022 07:47:59  #43

Re: Electro-Mechanical Calculators

Great stuff, though I prefer fully mechanical rather than motor driven machines myself — there is less to go wrong with them, and they are certain to outlive the electrical devices.

A small point relating to servicing these pinwheel calculating machines:

As with typewriter segments, oil introduced into the pinwheels is a distinctly bad idea. Pivots, sliders, and such were, of course, meant to be greased, but the pinwheels which are the real business end of the devices are meant to be kept dry. What this means is effectively that the machines should be lubricated sparingly. Short of complete disassembly, there is no way to do this comprehensively, so servicing such machines for most of us will be a compromise with what is actually possible to do within our lights.

This site has some excellent resources should the mechanically-inclined wish to delve deeper: . Be warned that the operations are said sometimes to take a couple of weeks rather than hours!



23-9-2022 12:17:35  #44

Re: Electro-Mechanical Calculators

This one too (didn’t remember it this morning): .


24-9-2022 09:05:03  #45

Re: Electro-Mechanical Calculators


Great referral sites...thanks !

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