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18-2-2023 23:10:48  #1

WTB: Pink Smith Corona 5TE portable electric

Looking for a pink bodied Smith Corona 5TE electric portable typewriter. Has to be in working condition but it doesn’t have to be in perfect cosmetic condition. Willing to pay $250 but that has to include shipping. If you live near Kissimmee Florida I will pick it up and still pay $250. Please pm or respond to this post. Payments will be done through PayPal for security reasons. Unless I am meeting you in person then we can work something else out. Thank you. Also I have a few extra typewriters so if your willing to trade please let me know if you rather go that route instead. If you want to trade I would prefer to do it locally but again, something could be worked out.

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20-2-2023 20:02:27  #2

Re: WTB: Pink Smith Corona 5TE portable electric

Not sure if $ 250 will get your there for a pink one.

Lots of parts/repair versions of this electric (in other colors) seem to go for nearly $ 150-20 on Shope Goodwill auctions and those are "as-is" machines that may or may not be salvageable.


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