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24-5-2023 10:56:33  #1

Erika 9 baseplate

I wonder if anyone knows how to separate a Erika 9 from the baseplate of its wooden suitcase? The feet seem to be nailed rather than screwed together.


24-5-2023 11:23:35  #2

Re: Erika 9 baseplate

Some additional information that might be useful: The model is an Erika 9 from 1952. I have tried knocking out both the nails themselves from beneath the wooden plate, as well as knocking on the whole rubber-foot. There are rubber washers on both the over- and underside of the plate. Some wiggling is possible, but they don't move a lot when knocked on, and seem very firmly attatched.

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24-5-2023 18:31:11  #3

Re: Erika 9 baseplate


Here is a photo of the bottom of an Erika 9 from 1954 (photo from the TWDB web site).

And here is a photo of the mounting hardware and bottom plate for my Erika made in the 1970's.

I think your bottom plate has such metal studs that are then press fit into the rubber "donuts" on the bottom of your Erika 9.

I had trouble getting my 1970's Erika off of its bottom plate.  I used some silicon oil spray (applying from the inside of the machine) to help lubricate the rubber "donuts" and the metal posts.  I used a wide wooden spatula from the kitchen and gently pried each rubber "donut" and the bottom frame of the machine off of its metal stud...with the silicon oil spray helping along.


25-5-2023 04:50:23  #4

Re: Erika 9 baseplate

Thanks! The rubber had become almost petrified, but some silicon oil actually did the trick for me too.

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25-5-2023 11:52:53  #5

Re: Erika 9 baseplate

McMaster-Carr on-ilne has a good selection of rubber grommets.

Use their measuring-guide on this page and you should be able to see if they stock what size  you need.



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