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27-6-2023 20:21:41  #1

WTB: Hermes 3000 (second generation - mint green)

Looking for a reasonably priced “squared” mint green 1960’s Hermes 3000. The most I can really spend in $370 including shipping so I’m not looking for museum quality. It just has to look decent, the platen knobs in tact preferably. Also the the plastic cards have to be in tact, in the sense you should be able to thread a paper without having to lift up the paper bail. Must have its case lid. Unless you’re in the central Florida area it will need to be shipped and that will be discussed in the price. Again I’m looking for the mid 60’s mint green squared body or second gen Hermes 3000, that’s the one I want. Please pm me or respond to this thread and we’ll get in contact. Thank you.

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01-7-2023 11:20:21  #2

Re: WTB: Hermes 3000 (second generation - mint green)

There is a very decent one on eBay out of IL State for $ 345 BIN which include free shipping.  It is missing its right platen knob...but lots of them offered for sale.  Has its case lid, too and plastic paper guides intact.


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