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24-7-2023 12:16:57  #1

WTB: Facit 1840

Looking a working for Facit 1840 electric typewriter in orange. Please pm me

If you can dream it do it! Is something Walt Disney did not say!

25-7-2023 18:55:40  #2

Re: WTB: Facit 1840

I have one in my collection...but it is not for sale.

The weak point on this Facit 1840 (in both the orange and the grey-white colour scheme) is the plastic drive gear and plastic pinon gear shaft for the power back-space function.

I even reached out to 3-4 other sellers who had 1840's offered and the all reported their power back-space not doing anything.  I was hoping to find a parts-machine but gave up on that chase.

It is so easy just to push the carriage back when you need to back space.

Good luck on your hunt for a 1840.

I love typing on mine which was a 1-owner machine and always cased.

I added a bit of ivory-cream colour to break up the all-orange look.


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