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29-7-2023 11:13:38  #1

High Quality Office Manuals

I'm looking to purchase a high quality office manual in Pica (10 cpi) or larger.  I'd like to hear opinions from members about good choices in such a machine.
I've owned a number of these old beasts, the best being an Olympia SG3 and a Remington Standard by Remington Rand.  Another one of either in the desired pitch/font would be fine, though I've recently become aware that other options in a quality typewriter were out there in the day.

Not interested in the Underwood Five but would like to hear opinions about the various Adler office manuals as well as any other quality machines with which you are familiar.  I just learned on this forum that the Hermes Ambassador was tops, so that one is on my list of possibilities. 

Look forward to reading your experiences and opinions.


29-7-2023 14:51:36  #2

Re: High Quality Office Manuals

Have a look through this forum as there are lots of experiences.

E.g. This thread discusses how the early, fully manual Hermes Ambassador is on par with the Olympia SG1: Typewriter Talk » '51 Hermes Ambassador ( and here, Laurenz points points out that though he likes the Olivetti Lexicon 80, it is no match at typing speed for the Olympia SG3 or Triumph Matura.

Personally, I've got both the SG1 and SG3. The SG1 is outstanding: I can type at full speed with no issues. It's got a pleasant feel (after I worked on it a bunch), and is really easy to work on. I love the look of it too.

The SG3 is very, very good, but can't quite keep up with me. Specifically: the first character after a space lands a little early, thus has a bunch of extra space between it and the rest of the word. It's interesting that the SG3 performs less well than the SG1 because they're almost identical under the hood - I even swapped parts between them while I was working on them to diagnose issues. My only guess is that this particular machine may have been well used, or the SG3, being at the end of the era of solid all-metal machines, may have been manufactured to slightly looser tolerances. It does feel looser and more clanky than the SG1. 


29-7-2023 14:52:14  #3

Re: High Quality Office Manuals

Oops: forgot the second link about the Lexicon: Typewriter Talk » Lexicon 80 Testimonials (


29-7-2023 17:13:10  #4

Re: High Quality Office Manuals

Thanks Rob.  I found those two links very useful.  Only wish I had gotten interested in these machines when there were still a few to be had at reasonable prices.  I'll be keeping my eye out for all of those office manuals mentioned.  I don't know that I've ever seen any of them except the SG3.


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29-7-2023 18:49:21  #5

Re: High Quality Office Manuals

I feel the same. I bought a few typewriters around 2005, before the was much online on how to repair machines, so my interest waned. If only I'd stick with it. That would have been a good time to buy.


05-8-2023 12:19:45  #6

Re: High Quality Office Manuals

My daily use machine is a Royal 470. It's ugly, but boy is it a great typer. As an academic who does all but the final draft with the typewriter, it gets a lot of use. Absolutely wonderful machine. They were very popular at large newspapers in their day- and for good reason. My particular example came from Tom Furrier at Cambridge Typewriter, so is tuned to perfection. I expect it to outlast me.


06-8-2023 17:48:03  #7

Re: High Quality Office Manuals

I own and use these four (4) standard, manual machines.

I prefer them in the order, presented.  All are good, working machines...some just a bit better than the others in terms of typing-feel, response, speed, and comfort using in my hands,

*  1971 Facit T2
*  1961 Olympia SG1
*  1960 Royal FP
*  1961 Smith-Corona Pacemaker



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