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09-2-2015 09:41:16  #1

Typecast to OCR

Hi guys,
I am pretty desperate, trying to convert a typed and scanned piece of text to a search- and copyable pdf file.
I am fine with running OCR recognition (with Acrobat 9 pro), but I cannot manage to edit the text, as there are plenty of not well recognized characters in the text. Acrobat always complains that the text is not a system font.
Any suggestions?
Many thanks, Claudia


09-2-2015 10:52:24  #2

Re: Typecast to OCR

Claudia, unfortunately it all comes down to the software. I'm not familiar with Acrobat 9 Pro (I don't own a copy) so I can't comment on its features or functions. I use OmniPage and use it all the time to scan typed pages and turn them into Word documents, which of course you can search. It will also do the same for a PDF file. I'll bet there are plenty of Adobe user forums - and that there's a solution to the problem you're experiencing within those forums. And fingers crossed, maybe someone here knows too. Good luck!

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09-2-2015 11:45:52  #3

Re: Typecast to OCR

Thank you! I am fine with converting typed text into plain text and use it in whatever text processing programme. What I am after, is keeping the original typecast image and putting an overlying, copyable text layer onto it. I've seen it being done. Basically, Acrobat does the job, but most of the time the text needs editing because of incorect interpretation of some characters, and that's where the problem starts ...


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09-2-2015 12:00:45  #4

Re: Typecast to OCR

I understand. Hopefully you'll be able to find a solution soon.

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10-2-2015 15:44:37  #5

Re: Typecast to OCR

I have seen that pop up when I am working with documents at work in Adobe 9 pro and usually click ok (or whatever to clear that message) and don't see a difference when I make the text addition.

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