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02-7-2016 13:01:26  #31

Re: Typewriter Pen Pals

I'm looking for a typewriter pen pal.  Anyone interested in general correspondence about their day, hobbies, especially typewriters send me a PM


05-7-2016 15:42:21  #32

Re: Typewriter Pen Pals

Ooh, nice idea. Someone interested in a pen pal from the land of typewriters (tm), Germany? Not that I am very knowledgable about typewriters (yet), but I think I’d enjoy it. PM me if you’re interested.


12-7-2016 11:25:04  #33

Re: Typewriter Pen Pals

I too would like to exchange letters. I'm a poet and writer, so anyone with those interests would be ideal.


Visit my website, eafeliupoetry.com, for posts on typewriters and literature.

12-6-2017 21:00:44  #34

Re: Typewriter Pen Pals

Is there still interest in this here? Feel free to send me a PM, and I'm happy to send a letter your way to get started! I have had success in connecting with a couple of people here so far, and it has been wonderful. If you guys are reading this- I'm so sorry for my extreme delays recently, but now it is summer.... More time to exchange letters 


05-7-2017 13:47:37  #35

Re: Typewriter Pen Pals

Hello all,
I'm looking for folks to exchange letters with. I'd prefer those located within the US but will do international as well.



13-7-2017 12:59:35  #36

Re: Typewriter Pen Pals

NDW76 wrote:

I'm interested in correspondence. Send me a pm for an address.

Hi Nathan,
I'm new to the forum and can't sent PM"s yet, but if your Bonnie's father we already know one another. I now have a Royal Epoch manual that I an loving and would love to hear from you


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