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02-10-2018 21:36:05  #1

A Stupendous Discovery

I stumbled upon a fascinating technique today: I typed a few paragraphs which may have been a "poem" kind of thing on a first typewriter in double line spacing.  As I looked at it I thought of a few things that could be omitted, added or reworded, and I marked these changes in in pencil. Then I used a second typewriter to rewrite the result, and damn, if it wasn't better than the first time!  I call this amazing discovery "editing"!

I thought about seeking a process patent but decided I would share it with the world free of charge - not sure if there is any prior art?  


05-10-2018 12:21:23  #2

Re: A Stupendous Discovery

Editing, you call it? You mean changing something you've already written? What's the purpose? Nah, it'll never catch on. At best it'll just be a fad. Better to invest in crypto currencies.

Bangin' around, this dirty old town, typin' for nickels and dimes...

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