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03-10-2015 13:41:18  #1

Using the Maintenance & Repairs Sub-forum - READ THIS FIRST

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using this sub-forum for repair advice:

- Please use the forum's SEARCH function first! Quite a few of the problems that are posted here turn out to be ones that have already been discussed. For example, did you know that flattened case washers on an Olympia SM will cause carriage issues? Search the forum and you'll find this is an often discussed issue.

- Include as much information as possible about your typewriter such as it's make, model, year of manufacture (or serial number).

- Photos can go a long way to making your concerns understood, especially if you are not familiar with the specific names of a typewriter's components. Instructions for including photos in a post can be found HERE.

- Be patient. Typewriter Talk is a community of typewriter enthusiasts - not a 24/7 help desk - so it might take a little time before someone comes to your rescue. 

- Be as detailed as possible with your description of the problem. And don't forget to leave anything out, like a repair you might have tried on your own first.

- Keep in mind that most of the help you will get here won't come from actual trained typewriter technicians, so before you rush into a repair based on the first (and potentially bad) advice given, we recommend either waiting for a consensus to be established or asking for confirming opinions. Of note, Typewriter Talk member thetypewriterman is a professional typewriter technician, and if you're lucky enough to receive advice from him it should be heeded.

 ​- Don't assume that the advice that you've being given is correct. This is the internet after all. Typewriter Talk is not responsible for the comments or suggestions made by its members, and as such, repairs based on the information found within the Maintenance & Repair threads are performed at your own risk.

Stay Safe! 

14-9-2020 22:02:10  #2

Re: Using the Maintenance & Repairs Sub-forum - READ THIS FIRST

Hi to all onboard. I have a technical question regarding a Brother 215 portable. Only the top half of the letter a A hits the Platen. All of the rest of the letters  work quite well. I can't seem to figure out why. Everything is aligned and matches all other parts. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.


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