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31-3-2013 08:19:30  #1

Platen re-covering in USA

In case you've not come across them, JJ Short Associates Inc in NY State will refresh platens:


31-3-2013 11:32:19  #2

Re: Platen re-covering in USA

It's great that there are still companies that will perform such a service, but I wonder what the average cost is? I fully understand spending say $100 to replace the platen on a rare and desirable machine, especially when that repair transforms it into a usuable typer, but I'd find it hard to justify such an expense if I only paid $25 for the entire machine.

I'm going to contact them and see what an average platen goes for. I do have a few feed rollers that need to be replaced, maybe one or two platens as well, so it won't hurt to find out what the deal is.

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31-3-2013 13:23:05  #3

Re: Platen re-covering in USA

I've heard that the expense can be very high. More so in the UK when shipping has to be factored in.

Another problem is that they need to know the diameter of the new platen/roller, and if the old one is distorted it can be tricky to work it out.

For this reason I've been looking into hose and tubing manufacturers to see if I can do DIY work in the future. The alternative is to wait for a beaten-up eBay typewriter to come along that has the parts you want and to strip that one down.

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31-3-2013 16:37:18  #4

Re: Platen re-covering in USA

An e-mail from Peter J. Short:

We would take your existing platen and remove the old rubber and put new rubber on.  Without seeing the platen or getting more exact dimensions I can tell you that for 1 pcs if you measure the rubber length across the roller and use $ 5.50 per inch you should be in the ballpark for a quote.
You would send us the platen with your contact information.  We would firm up the quote once received and contact you for the go ahead or not.  Once completed we would contact you with the invoice price plus options for shipping back to you.  We take credit card or you could send a check.  If you wanted a more exact price please send me the diameter of the platen, the length of the rubber and approximate thickness of the rubber.

Quote for my Princess 300:
$ 47.50 each and about two weeks to turnaround to you once we get the platen in--freight I would estimate to be no more than $ 10 probably less if US Priority Mail.
It is certainly a nice service, if you have and are willing to spend that kind of money.

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26-7-2013 13:05:52  #5

Re: Platen re-covering in USA

I've had 4 platens recovered on my machines, 2 from JJ Short, 2 from Ames (no longer in business). All 4 were wonderfully done, and make a huge difference in the machine's performance. The cost is not much, like Amelia reports, it's between $60-$100 depending on the size of the platen. That's actually pretty close to what Ames was charging for many years.

Regarding platen diameters, the only source I know of for "factory fresh" diameter measurements for most platens is the 1962 edition of "H.F.W. Schramm, Liste der Herstellungsdaten deutscher und ausländischer Schreibmaschinen, 11th edition, Hans Burghagen Verlag, Hamburg". Not an easy thing to find, but I'm slowly adding those measurements to the Typewriter Database serial number lists over time. If you are thinking of having a platen recovered that hasn't yet been updated in the Database, go ahead and ask me (provide manufacturer and model), and I'll see if it's in Schramm 62.


03-10-2015 10:48:28  #6

Re: Platen re-covering in USA

I read on their page that they will also only re coat the platen. I just emailed them to see how much.

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03-10-2015 11:26:23  #7

Re: Platen re-covering in USA

JJ Short recovered the platen on my Rheinmetall, and it is fabulous.  It makes a huge difference, imo.  I'm thinking about sending a few others sometime soonish.


06-11-2016 19:50:55  #8

Re: Platen re-covering in USA

If they do platens, they must also do power rollers for electric typewriters like IBM, Remington, New-style Royals, and Hermes Ambassadors.  Just my understanding, since the principle would be pretty much the same, and the precision would be similar, wouldn't it?  Anyway, something to think about for those who own electric typewriters that use power rollers instead of fluted shafts to kick up the cams attached to the type bars.

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09-12-2016 00:04:42  #9

Re: Platen re-covering in USA

I sent four platens to them to be re-covered.  What I didn't know was that I was supposed to remove the hardware from them first, so it took a little longer to get them done.  I got them back in mid-November, so I was able to use at least one of them for part of NaNo.

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07-4-2018 13:49:57  #10

Re: Platen re-covering in USA

How do you know if you need your platen re-covered?


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